Rescuelink is another avenue to help find Pit Bulls safe and loving forever homes!  Pit Bulls are not born “aggressive” dogs, it is the people who manhandle them that are the root problem.  This leads to Pit Bulls being unfairly labeled and enduring ongoing abuse.   Pit Bulls are synonymous with “dog fighting”, which through Rescuelink and other Non-Profit organizations working together, we want to change this. 

There needs to be an end to BSL, animal abuse being a slap on the wrist and breed specific euthinization.  If there was more education, then it would lead to less abuse, neglect and Pit Bulls in shelters.  Rescuelink works to provide No-Kill shelters in a very specific area, a means of providing safety and hopefully more donations to the local No-Kills.  Bringing the Pit Bull rescue community together is the idea behind Rescuelink!


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