Where the Pit Bull Community Comes Together…


I am starting this blog with the hopes it can be a central point that No-Kill Shelters in PA, NY and NJ can use to help rescue dogs, Pit Bulls specifically.  I won’t turn away an animal in need though!.

It is my belief that animals don’t have a voice so they need us to act as theirs.  It is upsetting how many people view their pets as property not as family member.  They are family, they are what we come home to after a bad day and they make us feel better.  They comfort us without knowing, they are someone we vent to when we don’t want it to be heard and they just look to us for companionship.

The one thing that people need to learn and remember is its not the breed its the owner!

I look forward to the comments, help and more so helping the ones without a voice!


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